about the girl

Sherri HSEM, PR, Innovator, Writer, Adventurer

Travel, writing and adventure have been major themes in my life since my parents took me on my first trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida at the age of 7. Granted then, it was more the traveling in circles on the Tea Cups ride, getting all the characters to write their autographs in my book and seeking my adventure on the high seas of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride that constituted ‘the big three’. But they later would become my template for a passion and career in story telling- true or otherwise.

Since, I have visited Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Thailand, Cambodia and India. Domestically, I’ve lived in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, driven through most of the states on the eastern coast, made it to Southern California, Colorado, Las Vegas and saw a small piece of the corn fields of the mid-west.

I am always working as a freelance writer, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media and public relations specialist for various clients in all different industries. I have experience writing web copy for new websites, creating social media strategy for an array of businesses while also creating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest accounts for clients. I have also written press releases, media pitches, ghost written blogs with SEO and link building purposes and helped shoot and edit video.

I truly believe travel opens the mind and spirit. It can prepare you for many of the challenges you may face in everyday life and can help place in perspective everyday problems. I believe the internet and social media is continuously moving and changing- the way people interact and share is palpable. To share travel on such a platform is groundbreaking and, I believe, can change the mindsets of millions.